Top 7 Best Character AI Alternatives in 2024

Character Ai Alternative

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In 2024, dissatisfaction with Character AI prompts users to seek alternatives. Kajiwoto, Crushon.AI, Tavern AI, NovelAI, LivePerson, Replika, and Botify AI are notable choices, each with unique features and drawbacks. Users must choose responsibly, considering their preferences and ethical considerations.

Despite the great ability to chat with any character, many people look for alternatives to character AI. The app frustrates some users by restricting access to explicit content, while others grow tired of the platform after exhausting its character pool and seeking alternatives.

If you're tired of character AI or want to try something different, we'll show you some great alternatives that you can start using right away.

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What Is Character AI?

Use Character AI to create artificially intelligent characters and engage in conversations with them. Two ex-Googlers on the LaMDA team created the character AI. The OpenAI API powers apps like ChatGPT, but the Character AI platform uses its own internally trained language models. The Character AI team or users can create characters that you can interact with.

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Some Popular Characters on Computer-Aided Instruction or C.Ai are -

Billie Eilish Super Mario Loki Elon Musk

Billie Eilish

Super Mario


Elon Musk

Top Character AI Alternatives To Try in 2024

Character AI has options with and without the NSFW filter below. Choose the right one that best suits your needs.

1. Kajiwoto

Kajivoto offers features similar to character AI, like chatting with a unique personality, and has an excellent website. This bot allows unlimited chatting but limits individual messages to 200 characters.

Kajivoto offers free and paid options for those who enjoy chatting with AI bots to develop ideas for their business and perform other tasks.

The same features, including a selection of AI model options, the Kajivoto engine, the Babbage GPT3 model, and an unlimited AI voice usage cap, are accessible through both subscription tiers.

Kajivoto serves as an excellent alternative to character AI.



Intelligence with a great memory

Required premium subscription to develop ideas for business

As per the country's law, NSFW content may be allowed

Premium membership is costly

The app is usable in many different ways.

Frustratingly difficult to use.

You can customize the mood of Kaji

2. Crushon.AI

Recently released Crushon.AI is for Those who prefer a less restrictive alternative to Character.AI should choose this as the best option. Crushon.AI allows you to direct conversations about NSFW topics without any need for Colab, installation, or backend configuration, bypassing filters.

Choosing Crushon.AI as a great option can bring great benefits. It facilitates open communication between humans and computer-generated chatbots. You can use the service of Crushon.AI to engage in NSFW conversations without worrying about judgment.

The best feature of Crushon.AI is designing personas with artificial intelligence. Watch them come to life by changing their looks and sounds to suit your taste.



No Content Restrictions

Fewer functions are insufficient than other platforms

You will find more characters and other features

Server is unstable

The layout is easy to use

The server will be on downtime

3. Tavern AI

Use Tavern AI, a platform for AI generation, to create Texas-based AI bots. AI chatbots can engage in text conversations with you. You can tailor the chatbot's personality and characteristics to your needs. You can make the conversation more engaging and personalized as per your choice.



AI chatbots Built

Tex-based may not interactively

Modify Personalities

Need to download the app

No NSFW filters

Can not chat Online without App

4. NovelAI

NovellAI usually charges $15 monthly for a subscription plan, but it is also available for free. To create your own stories, including characters, settings, and plots, or read stories created by others You can use NovelAI. NovelAI allows you to play text-based adventures, where your decisions will have real-world effects.

The intuitive UI, built-in AI image generation, and NovelAI's comparatively few content filters attract users.



Free of Cost

Lack of emotional intelligence

Able to generate innovative ideas

Writing in an automated style

Quality editing available

The data may be outdated

5. LivePerson

LivePerson is a charming AI for businesses and individuals. This is a conversational AI platform for customer engagement. It can provide real-time text, voice, and messaging between businesses and their customers.

Usually, companies reserve its use for customer interaction, although it shares some similarities with character AI concerning chatbots and conversational messaging. LivePerson offers features like avatar-creation tools and the ability to communicate with customers through social media and messaging apps.



You can create avatars

Paid Platform

Screen Sharing

Server is unstable

Real-time conversation

Consumes more data

6. Replika

The creators created Replika as an AI-powered chatbot that mimics human conversations and your voice and the system can continuously generate new conversations using advanced machine learning, a complex neural network, and pre-written dialogue.

With Replika, you can create your digital personality, just like character AI. It has more than 2 million active users. Plus the mood-tracking feature allows users to keep track of their emotions and receive tailored feedback and advice.

Replika AI can create unique workouts, yoga sessions, and mindfulness meditations based on your emotions to help you feel better.



Compatible with tablets and smartphones

No repercussions may occur

The author's thought processes facilitate users

Human emotion is not fully captured by it

An excellent mode of expression

Individuals with severe mental illness should not use this

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7. Botify AI

You can interact with your favorite fictional characters, whether real or fictional, using Botify AI, and you can access NSFW characters, but their availability may vary by region.



Interact with characters in an open-ended manner.

Impossible to create original characters

Only for adults, expect explicit content on this site

It has only six Anime characters available

Compatible with Android, iOS, and the web.


NSFW filter in AI has turned off Character.AI for some potential users. The options mentioned offer varying degrees of flexibility and features for creating content. Everyone can find an option, whether they want private communication, content production, or just to have a good time. Remember to use these sites responsibly and ethically, especially when viewing content that may not be suitable for all audiences.