How to Empower the Digital Generation Using AI-Empowered Digital Platforms?

Digital Generation

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"Uncover the potential of AI-driven digital platforms in fostering online safety for youths. Explore how Protection through Online Participation (PoP) utilizes AI to enhance protection systems, collect data, collaborate with global partners, and provide innovative solutions. Learn about AI's transformative role in customer service, security, sales, business operations, and HR, strengthening digital landscapes for the future."

In the prevailing digital age, the usage of the Internet has increased considerably among the masses, and this has become a lifeline for several people, especially for the youths and children who are facing violence. The youths and millennials of today's time navigate a complex and elaborate digital landscape, seeking help, creating many path-breaking innovative solutions & connecting with helplines on different online platforms. This is a fact that the functioning of all these specific systems is increasingly being powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a mystery to many as there is a significant gap in our understanding.

While a lot of emphasis has been placed on clearly understanding the potential risks that are faced by children online, we, at times, tend to overlook the coin's other side. The Internet is nothing less than a sanctuary where youths and children can access support & safety. In times of isolation and lockdown, the Internet became a crucial resource, and the only means to ask for protection. However, after the lockdown had receded, the Internet remains a compelling option to ask for protection.

The Role of AI-empowered Digital Platforms to Unlock Safety Online

All of us aspire to be in a world where every child and youth, regardless of whichever background they belong to, can access the systems of online protection seamlessly. This is one of the primary visions of Protection through Online Participation (PoP), a very noble and pioneering initiative that seeks to make a vision into a reality. PoP envisions a safe world where every child and youth has the resources and guidance to access support as well as online referral systems safely. This empowers them to receive the right assistance from the official services or peers.

Now that AI technologies and tools are embedded into online experiences, there is a pressing challenge to understand their right usage thoroughly. In the latest research project by PoP, PoP had asked for inputs into the POP Survey for AI-driven systems.

Well-known agencies lead POP from the United Nations and collaborate with more than 30 global partners. This includes reputed private sector companies, civil society organizations, academia, and youth themselves. This particular collaborative effort aims to explore the ways the online protection systems potentially function & provide the right recommendations for their enhancement & implementation.

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Children at the Forefront: Innovation Stories

Children of today's time are actively utilizing more and more online platforms to report terrible incidences of violence, connect with the helplines, receive counseling, & create solutions for their peers who are in need. One of the notable & very inspiring examples comes from a Polish adolescent girl. She was alarmed due to the rising domestic violence at the time of lockdown, and she established a fake online shop. Victims could discreetly seek help by placing orders for different products, and each order acted as a call for assistance, and that too in a coded form. This specific innovative approach very powerfully illustrates the superpower that digital platforms possess in successfully safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

The Ways PoP is Bringing in a Difference

The approach of PoP is ambitious and multifaceted. They are as follows:

  1. Collection of Data - PoP conducts several qualitative research and quantitative surveys to gather accurate insights from young individuals, official helpline agencies, industry platforms, & AI-driven systems.
  2. Collaboration & Learning - The in-depth interviews with youth, children, & industry experts are being conducted from time to time and are complemented by valuable insights from the various leading child helplines. PoP brings together several perspectives that include the UN agencies, the private sector, policymakers, and civil society organizations.
  3. Digital Mapping - The evidence gathered by AI is compiled into an organized digital map and provides several accessible insights into various online protection systems that are operational worldwide.
  4. Recommendations - PoP often publishes very comprehensive reports with the proper recommendations for the implementation and improvement of these particular services. The report addresses the key stakeholders and includes the governments, ICT industry, UN agencies, service providers, civil society organizations, and certainly the children & youths.

The Role of AI in Transforming Various Business Processes

Digital transformation in today's age is empowered by artificial intelligence (AI) that encompasses several digital innovations like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML) & predictive analytics. These specific technologies help the enterprise systems become smart enough to analyze the available data, anticipate features, automate routine tasks, & remind us of the various crucial ones. Let us have a quick look at the role of AI in empowering multiple areas of business:

  1. Customer Service

Artificial intelligence considerably improves the area of customer service with case classification, chatbots, and customized recommendations. All of these help in creating better & more intuitive customer service.

  1. Security and IT

Artificial intelligence facilitates business organizations to detect as well as deter the latest and advanced threats to computers, with the help of AI-powered security machine learning-trained engines and AI-powered advanced security technologies. It help the businesses in several ways like scanning systems and watching for any abnormal behavior, giving alerts to IT technicians about possible threats, etc.

  1. Sales

For 54% of sales representatives, it is seen that problems arise when they are not aware of the customer insights. This forces them to guess the needs of the prospective buyers, or they end up marketing unwanted products. All these factors lead to low conversion in sales & longer sales cycles. AI-guided processes in sales help sales reps in moving deals by identifying prospective leads and converting them into customers.

  1. Business Operations

AI eases the business operations to a large extent. Executives express SEMrush and Artificial Intelligence leverages efficiency by 79% and boosts their ROI by 54%. This leads to considerable savings.

  1. HR

AI is being used across the lifecycle of the employees, which includes recruitment & onboarding, talent acquisition, boosting the satisfaction level of the employees, automating the processes of learning & development, & creating a delightful employee experience.

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The Bottom Line

AI is strengthening security systems and empowering the digital generation. Also, the usage of AI in various areas of business is empowering the digital generationto a large extent. Companies are now successfully implementing the new AI-empowered enterprise applications and digital processes with the help of the digital adoption platform.