Unveiling the Unbelievable: A Compilation of Insane Feats Achieved by ChatGPT


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Embark on the transformative journey of artificial intelligence as we conduct a thorough comparison of ChatGPT, GPT-3, and the latest innovation, GPT-4. Explore all the evolving capabilities, enhanced features, and the continuous push towards more sophisticated language models, shaping the future of human-machine interaction.

OpenAI was first introduced in 2022 with the help of its DALL-E image generator. Within a few months, this progressive artificial intelligence organization did this again by releasing the famous artificial intelligence Chatbot called ChatGPT. It has become a worldwide phenomenon in a very short period & has revolutionized the way humans & AI have ever interacted.

During the initial weeks of the release of ChatGPT, more than 1 million users used ChatGPT & received a helpful mix of amazing, & nonsensical responses. From some silly stories to college-level essays, ChatGPT can give solutions to a wide variety of questions.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an extensively large language model offered by the company OpenAI, which is based in San Francisco. It has been trained on the information covering various subjects, and it cannot access the internet to find any new information.

One of the most significant differences between ChatGPT and other similar tools is that ChatGPT has a fantastic ability to remember information from previous messages & then write replies which draw on the context of the complete conversation.

ChatGPT can produce way more accurate and natural language than publicly available AI. In most cases, this is pretty indistinguishable from a text written by a native human speaker.

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A List of Crazy Things ChatGPT has done

Here is a list of crazy things that ChatGPT has done and how people are using this more creatively.

1. Using ChatGPT to generate simulated or mock interview questions & responses effectively

ChatGPT's original app can help you update your resume and improve your conversational abilities. If you are preparing for an interview for a specific job, GPT can help you in preparing potential questions & test out your answers.

Since this generates responses based on the most likely word that comes next, this is the perfect tool for determining what every average interviewer is expected to ask. The best way to do the same is by pasting the job post into the chat & asking it to generate some obvious interview questions for the position accurately.

Keywords are the most crucial during interviews. You can ask ChatGPT to accurately analyze the post for keywords & ensure that all the interview answers cover the keywords you gave.

2. Utilizing ChatGPT as one of the makeshift websites, Chatbot

Several product websites have very useful little chatbots that can instantly answer your questions regarding your shipping & returns. So you no longer have to search the site for the correct page. This is super useful, but these bots are not available even in some places. ChatGPT official app can help you out with the web pages that are text-heavy in a similar manner - although it cannot access the internet itself. All you need to do is paste the complete web page into the chat & ask all your questions. This can likely help you find the right section that publishes the terms & conditions agreement or find a certain textual section that you can remember but cannot recall the exact wordings.

3. ChatGPT can pass MBA exam

The original ChatGPT app has the disruptive ability that is likely destroying our present education practices, but that does not make stories regarding its latest escapades less shocking. A professor at Wharton School affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania decided to try ChatGPT to solve the questions of the MBA's final exam.

To everyone's surprise, the answers ChatGPT generated were worth scoring B- & a B on the examination. It did pretty well. Stories like the same provoke discussions on our prevailing examination patterns & education assessment practices.

4. ChatGPT helped a person win a lottery.

ChatGPT's official app has helped someone win a small lottery amount of $59. No millionaires won considerable lottery amounts with the help of ChatGPT. Patthawiknorn Boorin shared the prompts he used to "trick" ChatGPT into generating winning numbers, including specific hypothetical questions and past winning numbers.

5. ChatGPT helped in an effective job search

This can be counted as one of the best utilities of ChatGPT to date. ChatGPT generates cover letters & snippets of resumes. Everyone knows that personalized cover letters and tailored resumes help your overall chances in the initial stages of the job application. It has become tough to write good cover letters and resumes in the competitive job market.

When we talk about ChatGPT, this has the power to generate very well-written prose and will come up with perfect self-selling lines with the maximum potential of bringing results. Overall, you can successfully embellish your CV to make it sound much better.

6. ChatGPT is found to guide your travel with expertise.

A few fabulous ways of utilizing ChatGPT involve using the same to speed up the repetitive or iterative processes. For instance, planning a trip is undoubtedly a difficult task, going to Google for various ideas, finding the most suitable ideas, dedicating a lot of time to finding the details, etc. Search engines sometimes give the exact information you are searching for, but ChatGPT does most of the time.

The best part is that ChatGPT can provide many relevant details about different activities, areas, & even hotels. So, ChatGPT can be a great platform to help you build your travel itinerary.

7. Dragons & Dungeons with ChatGPT

Another central area where ChatGPT is performing exceptionally well is in RPGs. When you enter this prompt into GPT-4, you can begin a unique DnD-based text adventure. This is a very complex prompt, but if you try this with ChatGPT, this will break the character and make you forget the same after a short exchange.

In case you want to witness precisely what a text-based adventure with ChatGPT is like, you can check the screenshot below:

Dragons And Dungeons with ChatGPT
8. Professional services with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be your consultant. It can be your resume coach, a personal trainer, a marketing consultant, a nutritionist, or a social media strategist.

Once I tried the nutritionist prompt, ChatGPT gave very satisfactory results. After several inputs on weight, height, eating habits, and gender, ChatGPT has provided a perfect plan.

Professional services with ChatGPT
9. Check your grammar with ChatGPT

You can try out ChatGPT grammar checker, which will do it accurately. You can check this on the ChatGPT official app and receive perfect results. If you are looking for correct grammar suggestions, this is the best platform. You can spot typos or improve conciseness and clarity.

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10. The sci-fi novel premise

The original ChatGPT app can handle complex information and details the context well. ChatGPT official app can remember the previous messages and continue to build on, tweak, & also change aspects of its responses to work.

The above list of insane things can quickly be done with the help of ChatGPT's official app , and this certainly is making our lives easier and more convenient.